Deposit via Payment Terminals

Deposit via Payment Terminals

A convenient way to fund your account

Along different popular payment systems, Pokerbet players can make a deposit using a payment terminal. You can top up your account in any part of ​​your city with the amount starting from 50 UAH and without commission! Normally, the funds reach your account within a minute.

Guide. Step by step

1. Find the "Organization and holding of sports events MEX" service through the search field, or click the "Entertainment" button on the main screen, as shown by the arrow on the screenshot below.

.2. Then click on the "Lottery and more" section button.

3. Then click on the "Organization and holding of sports events MEX".

4. Enter the payment details, which is a digital account number. It is available in the profile of the "Organization and holding of sports events MEX" account as the account id number.

5. Check the availability of the "Organization and holding of sports events MEX" account, and in case of an error, please check the correctness of the number and resend it.

6. Enter the amount of cash replenishment you need in the terminal banknote receiver.

7. Check the deposited amount on the screen.

8. Click the "Pay" button.

9. Within a few minutes, the deposited funds will be credited to the specified "Organization and holding of sports events MEX" account.

Important: we recommend that you print out and save the bill for payment until the funds arrive at your Pokerbet account.

List of available terminals:


We wish you a successful game on Pokerbet!